Ways to save fuel

Currently, the car maintenance costs are the largest section of the family budget. For this reason, various tips on fuel economy are a popular topic of discussion in the media motorists.

Not all of them are undoubtedly useful. However, every car owner should have an idea about the main factors of economy. If we analyze all the tips, they can be grouped into several groups – related to the car itself and its technical condition, with manual features, with a choice of petrol stations and other tips.

First of all, you need to pay attention to the purely technical factors related to fuel consumption.

vehicle weight

When buying a car must remember that each additional 100 kg body weight will require an additional 200 liters of gasoline per year (with a run of 20 thousand km.). For fuel economy, you must release the trunk of excess load, leaving only the bare essentials.

Installation of alloy wheels can reduce the car weight by 10-15 kg. When filling the fuel tank filling not completely, but only up to half, when it is possible to save up to 2% of the gasoline.

The scope and power of the engine

Powerful motors and volume, of course, more voracious than small car engines. However, the direct relationship between the volume and fuel consumption is not.

transmission Type

It is well known that a car with automatic transmission consumes 10-15% more fuel than a car with mechanics.


If the owner of the car fuel consumption is an important factor when selecting a model it should give preference to models with a lower coefficient of drag. For example, Mercedes-Benz G-class (legendary. Gelandewagen) has aerodynamic drag is almost twice more than the Lada Priora. In addition, the aerodynamics affect the availability of the trunk on the roof, open windows and sunroof, aerial and “fly swatter”.

The technical condition of the car

Regular maintenance, in which all the vehicle systems are subject to rigorous regulation, reduces fuel consumption by 10%. It is necessary to check the condition of the air and fuel filters (savings of up to 4%), to choose the right motor oil (savings of up to 6%), check the air pressure in the tires (with a flat tire not only fuel consumption increases, but also reduces the life of the tire).

In addition, the broken bumper – is a guaranteed extra liter of petrol per 100 km, and adjusted alignments will reduce fuel consumption by 5%.

The size and type of tire

Wide tire – this, of course, it is fashionable, but uneconomical. It is also impractical to use off-road tires for the city roads. In addition, they further fuel are causing additional noise while driving, as well as the tread on a flat road wear out quickly.

For SUV is best to have an extra set of tires for the city. And if I am speaking about the SUV, it must be remembered that the use of all-wheel drive requires additional fuel consumption.

Select motion mode

Experts point out that the correct drive mode selection will save up to 25% less fuel and more. Several factors included in it.

Firstly, by increasing the velocity of air resistance is increased. In order to save the need to choose a speed, which would allow for minimum move at high gear. For example, when driving on the road car will consume the least fuel at a speed of about 70 km/h.

Secondly, it is necessary to monitor the engine speed. For most cars the engine speed 2000 – 2500 rev/min. It is optimal. If the tachometer needle extends beyond 2500 – 3 000 rev/min, you must either switch to a higher gear, or to throttle back.

Third, by sharp pressing a pedal throttle fuel consumption increases many times. It is therefore necessary to avoid sudden jerks and braking (if it is not connected with the traffic situation).

Fourth, the fuel consumption when starting off a lot more than when the vehicle is accelerating. Therefore, when choosing the route of movement to avoid traffic jams and traffic lights.

The use of insulation and heating of the engine

When warming up the engine a lot of fuel is wasted during the cold season. Motorists are effective application of various systems for heating. There are electric heaters and enough advanced autonomous systems.

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In addition, the market appeared safe, which are made of fire-resistant materials and has successfully replaced the controversial articles of felt or wool.

Participation in bonus programs

Petrol stations are actively implementing a variety of marketing tools in the fight for the client. Registration bonus card takes about 5 minutes, but can save up to 5% of the funds at each refueling. If you are satisfied with the quality of gasoline, service and price, you can safely “get attached” to a specific network of gas stations.

“Bad advice”

This category should include ways to save that can not be called uniquely effective or safe.

However, this method is unsafe especially on slippery roads or in winter.

Turn off electrical appliances also significantly reduces fuel consumption (only working air conditioner can increase fuel consumption by 10%), but it reduces the level of comfort and road safety.

When driving behind a semi-trailer truck (in his wind shadow) can save up to 3% fuel. In this case you will breathe the exhaust gases of the truck and on the nerves of his driver.

Sellers “miracle additive” promise of gasoline savings almost in half. This test confirmed data from authoritative sources to date on this issue no.

A hybrid car or electric vehicle gasoline, of course, save. But money – not likely. Currently in the United States (where there are many benefits for them) hybrids pay off only after the 90 th. Km.

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