The publication Autocar reports that after three years of water injection into the intake manifold, which is currently used to track sports car the BMW M4 GTS, will be equipped with many other cars. The developer of this system is the Bosch company. The Germans point out that since 2019 the technology will be able to buy anyone automaker. According to a top manager of Bosch Fabian Piazza, the launch of the system due to the tightening of environmental regulations. In the Bosch distilled water is stored in a special tank (in the above-mentioned coupe it’s in the trunk). With the water pump pressure of 10 bar is injected through the intake manifold injector. The required amount of fluid calculated electronics which, in turn, is guided by the crankshaft rotational speed and temperature. This technology not only enhances the combustion process, but also increases the engine power (about 5%) increases the stability of its operation, improves the efficiency (about 13%) and reduces the level of emissions (about 4%). The highest results in the system displays the engine power exceeding 109 hp per liter. Fabian Piazza notes that mass car system design will be similar to the one now used in sports car BMW, but the volume of the reservoir fluid will be reduced. Note that M4 GTS intended container under the water 5 liters. According to foreign media reports, several automakers have turned to Bosch and negotiate on the supply of such a system. Who is interested in acquiring technology – is still unknown.

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