In the Vorsteiner studio refreshed design of the Ferrari 458 supercar

As part opened in Las Vegas tuning show SEMA 2016 tuner Vorsteiner from the German company introduced the 458-VX completion program designed for the Ferrari 458 Italia coupe. The Italian supercar is already out of production, so Vorsteiner specialists decided to refresh the design model. To this end, they have established a new front bumper with a carbon fiber air intakes and additional splitter.

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Such a bumper not only adds aggression in the face model, but also improves downforce at high speeds. As far as the splitter, it allows air to flow to the new air intakes. Behind the changes is also a lot. Tuner installed on the Ferrari 458 Italy carbon fiber spoiler, a new rear bumper with integrated diffuser and three exhaust pipe, which has a blue border and placed exactly in the center. But the complete image of the Ferrari 458-VX set golden wheels with yellow brake calipers. These elements are perfectly combined with cream colored body supercar. rework cost of the program is not called.

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foto-458-vx_03 foto-458-vx_01 foto-458-vx_02

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