Vorsteiner Atelier preparing kit for BMW X6 M

American tuners from Vorsteiner studio prepare an aerodynamic body kit for the BMW X6 M, which was called VRS Aero Package. All components are made of underweight carbon fiber impregnated with resin with vacuum and compressed, making them 30% stiffer and stronger than standard. The body kit includes a front spoiler that increases the downforce carbon fiber hood with slits for discharging hot air, rear spoiler and diffuser on the glass. The body kit was blown in the wind tunnel, when you create a lot of tuners consulted with experts, so the package is not only a visual improvement X6 M, but also practical use. For Vorsteiner crossover picked large 23-inch aluminum wheels V-102, “shod” in the sports tires from Michelin.

bmw-x6m-vorsteiner_02-650x487 bmw-x6m-vorsteiner_01-650x455

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