At the Geneva Motor Show in 2017 the long-awaited premiere of the new Volvo XC60 II generation, which the manufacturer calls “one of the safest cars in the world”. The new model Volvo XC60 2017-2018 year performed in the current corporate style of the Swedish company, reminding became XC90 crossover and the versatile V90 Cross Country. C last car unites sophisticated design of the rear lights. Front coupe received optics diode sections, called “Hammer of Thor”, but here the central part of the headlights in contact with the radiator grille, which, depending on the version, may have a different design. In profile, the new Volvo XC60 2017 was quite a recognizable, but the window-sill line in the area of ​​the rear uprights stronger shoots up, the doors were stylish bumper and above the wheel cancers appeared bright expressed extension line.
The machine first generation lasted on the assembly line long nine years, becoming the most popular premium compact crossover in Europe and broke up during this time worldwide circulation of over one million pieces. Inside, the crossover does not happen any revelations – interior design is almost entirely repeats similar to older models ninetieth series. But for younger car it is only a plus. Here are the same high-quality finishing materials, large vertically oriented display multimedia Sensus and minimalistic design.


The basis of the Volvo XC60 2017-2018 to lay down a new body model platform SPA, which allowed a little to reduce the weight of the vehicle with the increased dimensions, as well as to include in the range of a hybrid power plant, which became the top-end. Overall length of the off-road vehicle is 4 690 mm, which is 46 millimeters longer than the predecessor, the size of the wheel base is equal to 2865 (+ 91), the width – 1 902 (+ 11), height – 1 658 (- 55). Cargo capacity and ground clearance (clearance) of the new XC60 is not yet known. At first, the model only available 2.0-liter inline “four” family Drive-E. This is a gasoline engine with 254 hp (T5) and 320 hp (T6), and D4 and D5 in diesel engines with recoil forces 190 and 235, respectively. All of them are combined in a pair with 8-band gun and come with all-wheel drive. And on top of the range located hybrid modification T8 Twin Engine with a total capacity of 407 “horses”, providing Volvo XC60 acceleration from zero to hundred in 5.3 seconds. Later in the line is expected to appear more affordable versions with three-cylinder motor, front-wheel drive and mechanics.

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Production of the new Volvo CX 60 starts at the company in Sweden in the spring of 2017, and sales will begin in the summer. The surcharge for the car are available four-zone climate control CleanZone, Volvo On Call application system to prevent frontal collisions, tracking function for Rows of movement, as well as adaptive cruise control, which can independently drive the car at speeds up to 130 km/h, however, when there is a clear road markings clearly visible.