New Volvo V60 2018 station wagon

At the motor show in Geneva 2018 will premiere a new versatile Volvo V60 second generation, which the manufacturer declassified in February. It is noteworthy that a practical five-door was presented before the S60 sedan of the next generation.

Outside, the new Volvo V60 model 2018-2019 (photo) recalls both the older V90 car and the similarly sized XC60 crossover. The design of the car is made in the current branded style of the brand with smooth sidewalls, located at right angles to the grille with vertical slats and diode sections in the head optics called the “Thor’s Hammer”.

Designers managed to keep the elegant look of the ninety series with a reduction in overall dimensions so that from all sides the car looks beautiful and proportionate. And one of the key tokens of the station wagon are the large rear lights with a fashionable LED pattern and the horizontal sections entering the trunk lid.

In the interior of Volvo V60 (see photo) in the new body almost no original part – the interior entirely repeats that of the X-Si 60, except that the visor over the instrument panel here is insignificant. Everything else was already well known.

Here both the corporate steering wheel and the central console in a minimalist style with a large vertically oriented display of the multimedia system, and high-quality finishing materials, as well as many options and a huge list of various modern security systems, a number of which have been modernized.


On the technical characteristics of the new Volvo V60 2018 also did not become a revelation. At the heart of the machine is a modular platform SPA (Scalable Product Architecture), for a surcharge, an air suspension is offered. The overall length of the station wagon is 4 761 mm, and the wheelbase is 2,872.

The volume of the trunk in comparison with its predecessor grew from 430 to 529 liters, and this is without taking into account the underground. With folded backs of the back sofa when loading under the shelf, the compartment size increases to 841 liters, and if measured to the ceiling, then all 1,364 liters will fit.

For the car standard 2.0-liter petrol and diesel “turbo-couplers” of the Drive-E family are available. The first are represented by T5 (225 hp) and T6 (275 hp) engines, and the second ones are D3 (135 hp) and D4 (165 forces). Combined all in a pair with an eight-band machine, with diesel engines by default, along with a six-speed manual transmission.

At the same time for the Volvo V60 immediately available and two more hybrid modifications: T6 and T8. Both are equipped with a 117-horsepower electric motor, rotating the rear axle wheels and located in the central tunnel with a battery pack of 10.4 kWh.

In the first case, under the hood is located a gasoline engine for 253 hp. (the total output is 340 hp and 590 Nm of torque), and in the second – 303 “horses” (the total output is 390 forces and 640 Nm thrust). Dynamic exponents of modifications are not specified.

Packages and prices

The sales of the new Volvo V60 are scheduled for September 2018. In April-month, the S60 sedan is expected to arrive – it will be brought to us, but there is no information on prices and trim levels yet.

The equipment of the station wagon included an improved collision avoidance system City Safety with an automatic braking function that recognizes not only pedestrians but also cyclists and large animals.

The semi-autonomous Pilot Assist control function, responsible for maneuvering, acceleration and braking at speeds of up to 130 kilometers per hour, has been improved for more smooth cornering. Plus, there are assistants to prevent the exit from the road, control the departure to the oncoming lane, as well as warnings of vehicles moving in the transverse direction.

It is noteworthy that in several European countries you can buy a car by subscription by Care by Volvo, when subscribers do not need to pay the entire amount for a car, limited to a monthly subscription fee. The latter includes a fee for the car, insurance, service (washing, refueling or cleaning the cabin) and concierge service (for example, delivering products directly to the car).

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