At the motor show in Los Angeles 2015, Volvo introduced a concept interior, designed specifically for cars with autopilot. Draft of Swedish experts called Concept 26, where the number “26” is the number of minutes that the average driver spends on the road from home to work.
During the presentation of Volvo experts noticed that the center piece interior car-drone is the driver’s seat, so he was given special attention.
The project Concept 26, the seat can be set to one of three positions: Drive, Create, and Relax. Drive mode provides the driver with maximum comfort for driving. Create, in contrast, involves the activation of the autopilot, and allows the driver to relax along the way.
In this case, the driver’s seat moved away slightly back, the steering wheel moves towards the dashboard and door leaves of a small table. Well activate Relax, driver and all can lie down at the same time before it will screen multimedia system, mounted on the armrest between the front seats.
Concept interior also features a large screen size is not specified at Volvo. Being a non-activated, the display is hidden from prying eyes on the right side of the central panel. Asked about the prospect of such a salon in their production models, the company’s specialists have not yet given an answer.