New Volvo S80 (2) 2016 sedan, prices and equipment

The flagship Volvo S80 sedan – the first front-drive sedan from the Swedish automaker in class E, which debuted in spring 1998. Eight years later, at the Geneva Motor Show 2006, the premiere of the second generation of the model S80, which was successfully sold to this day. The new Volvo S80 II was an evolutionary design, sets the tone current corporate identity.

Configuration and price Volvo S80 2016.

Equipment Price Engine Transmission Drive
T5 Momentum $44,400 2.0 petrol (245 hp) Automatic (8) front
T5 Summum $47,100 2.0 petrol (245 hp) Automatic (8) front
D5 ADW Momentum $50,000 2.4 diesel engine (215 hp) Automatic (8) full
D5 AWD Summum $52,400 2.4 diesel engine (215 hp) Automatic (8) full
T6 AWD Summum $60,800 3.0 petrol (304 hp) Automatic (8) full

Despite its considerable size (4851 x 2106 x 1493 mm), the car does not look bulky. On the contrary, it is elegant and respectable, as befits a representative of a business-class. By the way, at one time the sedan was awarded the International Prize Autorevue Award as the most beautiful car. After restyling in 2013, S80 was slightly modified bumper and grille retouched. Interior Volvo S80 II made a stylish and luxurious, fully responding to the status of a possible owner. In general, the sedan is equally comfortable for both driver and passengers.
For the Volvo S80 has four equipment: Kinetic, Momentum, Summum and Executive. This is already in the database there are four airbags, inflatable curtains + protection against whiplash WHIPS, ABS + EBA, Dynamic Stability and Traction Control DSTC and electronic climate control. Buyer is given a choice of 13 exterior colors, 16 interior variants and 7 variants of decorative trim elements. Summum wheel-drive sedan with a 3.0-liter engine is estimated at a minimum of $60,800.

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