New Volvo S40 (2) Swedish sedan 2012, prices and equipment

The global car market are not so many centenarians. Any model, whether it is at least three times successful and even to some extent the cult somehow get a successor, who will lay the continuation of the successful traditions. Nevertheless, individual instances of long-term success still occur, and one of them – Volvo S40 II. The first sedan was introduced in 2004, which means that after a few months, the car will exchange the ninth year of its existence, and very successful. S40 Sedan, as well as the versatile V50, built on the platform of Volvo P1, which is the main even for Mazda 3, as well as the European Ford Focus.

Configuration and price Volvo S40 2.

Equipment Price Engine Transmission Drive
1.6 MT Base Optima $19,100 1.6 petrol (100 hp) Manual (5) front
2.0 AT Base Optima $24,400 2.0 petrol (145 hp) Automatic (6) front
1.6 MT Momentum Business $25,600 1.6 petrol (100 hp) Manual (5) front
2.0 AT Kinetic Premium $27,100 2.0 petrol (145 hp) Automatic (6) front
2.0 AT Momentum Business $28,600 2.0 petrol (145 hp) Automatic (6) front
2.0 AT Summum Business Pro $31,700 2.0 petrol (145 hp) Automatic (6) front

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Design Volvo S40 – a classic example of the Swedish restraint and brevity. The front and rear are not much different from the older brothers, while the profile of the car gives it a sporty squat and bright personality. Drop-down roofline, long hood, as well as short front and rear overhangs S40 equate with the best of the older segments. The same can be said about the interior. Volvo S40 interior is neat and elegant. The seats are not full lateral support, but it can comfortably fit almost any human physique. Rudder uhvatist, but big enough to go active drivers.
The instrument panel is simple and readable, but the main feature of the interior S40 II is a floating center console. A set of keys the climate control, audio system and telephone conveniently and logically arranged on an L-shaped sheet panel, with equidistant from both the driver and the passenger. The main disadvantages of the Volvo S40 got back sofa inhabitants. Comfort of the passengers had to sacrifice for the sake of appearance. Drop-down roof is an obstacle to the comfort for tall people. It does not contribute to the comfort and the small margin of space to the front seats. Rear seat with great difficulty, fit three, so target it will, most likely, only children. Driving performance Volvo S40 II, as well as any other representative of the range of the Swedish company, raises no objections. But habits sedan is no different. Please potential owner and moderate appetite Volvo S40 – 2,0-liter engine combined cycle consumes slightly more than 8.0 liters per hundred kilometers. The most accessible version of the Base Optima c 1,6-liter engine and 5-speed manual transmission will cost at least $19,100. The top version of the sedan Summum Business Pro comes with only a 2.0-liter engine and the “robot” Powershift. For such a Volvo S40 dealers are asked to at least $31,700, and in a complete set additionally includes audio system with eight speakers and Bluetooth-protocol for connection of external devices, sports instrument panel, leather upholstery, rear parking sensors and 16-inch wheels made of light alloy.

Configuration and price Volvo V50.

Equipment Price Engine Transmission Drive
1.6 MT Base $22,900 1.6 petrol (100 hp) Manual (5) front
1.6 MT Kinetic $24,200 1.6 petrol (100 hp) Manual (5) front
2.0 AT Base $27,000 2.0 petrol (145 hp) Automatic (6) front
2.0 AT Kinetic $28,400 2.0 petrol (145 hp) Automatic (6) front
2.0 AT Momentum $29,700 2.0 petrol (145 hp) Automatic (6) front
2.0 AT Summum $32,900 2.0 petrol (145 hp) Automatic (6) front

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Volvo V50 wagon is offered in our market with the same engine and transmission as the sedan, as well as in similar trim. But the cost of wagon significantly higher prices is a fork from $22,900 to $32,900. As optional equipment dealers are ready to offer 17-inch wheels (400), Xenon light beam ($1,400), a system for monitoring blind spots BLIS ($1,200), actuators the front seats ($1,200), navigation RTI ($3,000), and more. Call the full competitors Volvo S40 is difficult, since the vehicle, as mentioned above, has outgrown the golf class, but still significantly less than the inhabitants of the D-segment.

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