With the advent of the Volvo new owners approach to building cars has changed a bit from the Swedes. Today, specialists are working on a new universal platform Scalable Platform Architecture, which will become the basis for all Volvo – for compact coupe, and large executive saloons.
Among other major changes – the transition to four-cylinder engines of the scheme. Representatives of assure that, despite the loss of a number of cylinders, will benefit consumers in power and weight of the power units, as well as in terms of profitability. New engines need to consume at least a third less fuel than the current.
Innovations promise many benefits both the company Volvo, and future owners of vehicles from the Swedish manufacturer. The first cars will be significantly (100-150 kg) lighter, secondly, to reduce the time and costs of the development and launch of new models. In addition, new engines and a platform promises to be the perfect option to create hybrid versions, and this, again, is to make Volvo cars more economical and “clean”.
In the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show IAA 2011 Volvo will reveal a concept car built using the new architecture and engines. The name is still a novelty in secret.