Flagship¬†Volkswagen Phaeton sedan was released back in 2002. Since then, the car twice undergone restyling (in 2007 and 2010th), but none of them have not been able to make a model of the popular – from the very beginning of its sales were twice lower than planned, and the company loses from each sold Phaeton to 28,000 euros. In the summer of 2013, Bloomberg news agency reported that the German automaker Volkswagen Phaeton preparing 2-generation, pre-production version of which is going to show at the Auto Show in Detroit 2014 in order to study the reaction of potential buyers. Production of the new items was scheduled for 2015, and later moved the date of the debut and did at 2017-2018. Render Volkswagen Phaeton 2 It is expected that the basis for the new Volkswagen Phaeton II lies MLB modular platform of the Audi A8 (the D4), which would make the sedan easier and adapt it over a wide range of powertrains, including could appear “quartet” and the hybrid powerplant. Also, the manufacturer confirmed the modification of fully electric sedan with a large reserve, but did not disclose any details. In addition, the design of the Volkswagen Phaeton 2 was supposed to be the starting point of the modified corporate identity, which is planned to be used in the future on other models of the brand. Finally, the company decided to revise the pricing of VW Phaeton 2 so that its price was between models of the Audi A6 and A8. All this should have been pumped up to the car and contribute to an increase in demand. As a result, in the late summer of 2015 it became known that the emergence of the new Phaeton postponed again, and this time for an indefinite term. The company’s management does not intend to abandon the flagship, but to the whole department tasked to do the project, at least break even. The only solution for the implementation of the plan has not yet been found.