Volkswagen will pay $15 billion because of the diesel scandal in the US

Bloomberg publication reports that Volkswagen has agreed with the US authorities the final amount that the Germans would have to pay for the elimination of consequences of diesel scandal. We are talking about compensation in the amount of 15 billion dollars. Most of this amount (about 10 billion) will go to purchase or repair of vehicles already sold toxic. Such cars in the United States about 600 thousand. In addition, every owner of a toxic vehicle can expect to be compensated in the amount of from 5100 to 10000 dollars, though initially Volkswagen planned to limit the maximum size of $ 7000 payout. The remaining 5 billion VolksWagen will pay for claims by the Environmental Protection Agency US Environmental (EPA) and the California Council for Environmental Protection ( the CARB ). Part of this amount, the organization spent on liquidation of consequences of “dizel” in the country, and some – in the development of new environmentally-friendly cars.


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