New VolksWagen Passat B8 GTE hybrid 2016, prices and equipment

Volkswagen Company will present at the 2014 Paris Motor Show the production version of sedan and wagon Passat B8 GTE. A feature of the new model is a hybrid powertrain with a total capacity of 218 hp, traction battery which can be recharged from an ordinary power. The press release notes that in a mixed mode, the vehicle consumes just 2.0 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers. The structure of the hybrid power plant Volkswagen Passat GTE came the familiar turbocharged petrol engine 1,4 TSI with direct fuel injection, developing 156 hp Company he is 114-horsepower electric motor with a power reserve of 50 km. To fully charge the VW Passat GTE 240-volt outlet of 4 hours and 15 minutes. Cruising hybrid with full fuel tank (50 liters) and the battery is fully charged – about 1 000 km. Representatives of the German company is characterized by novelty, as “sports and economy in one bottle”. In addition to low fuel consumption, the new Volkswagen Passat GTE can also offer decent and dynamic performance.
From standard Volkswagen Passat B8 its hybrid version of the GTE is not only a “filling”, but also design. The car has received the aerodynamic body kit, a new grille with a spectacular blue accents, C-shaped running lights and unique 17-inch wheels. Furnishings GTE has also undergone significant changes. Run a series Volkswagen Passat GTE German manufacturer plans in 2015. Previously, the Germans had already released hybrid models XL1 and Golf 7 GTE.

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