New Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid sedan 2016, prices and equipment

At the motor show in Detroit 2012, the premiere of sedan Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid, which is marketed by the German automaker as one of the fastest hybrid in its class. This allows the hybrid Jetta gain a hundred locations in around nine seconds, and average fuel consumption is about 5.2 liters per hundred kilometers. In addition, the car is able to overcome the electric almost two kilometers at a speed not exceeding 71 km/h. Also on the Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid installed system “start/stop” recuperative brakes, tires with reduced rolling resistance and a 7-speed robotized transmission with double clutch. Compared to the petrol version, the hybrid turned 100 kg heavier. Externally, the novelty can be easily identified by a unique 15-inch wheels, a new grille, different front bumper, diffuser, a small spoiler on the trunk lid and numerous label. In the US market the new Jetta 6 hybrid went on sale the end of 2012.


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