New volkswagen Golf (7) GTD 2016, prices and equipment

Volkswagen has continued to expand the range of modifications for the new Golf 7 hatchback, which got a version of GTD. However, instead of red stripes on the original lattice version GTD in its color changed to gray and the exhaust pipes are not laterally spaced and arranged on only one side. The main difference is the modification of the diesel engine under the hood. In the motion VW Golf GTD 7 brings a 2.0-liter turbodiesel capacity of 184 hp (380 Nm), is mounted in a pair of 6-band manual or robotized transmission with optional DSG with two couplings. With hundreds of new places to accelerate in 7.5 seconds (mechanics), which is 0.6 seconds. faster than its predecessor. The maximum speed reaches 230 km/h and average consumption in mixed cycle is 4.2 liters per hundred (with DSG gearbox, this figure slightly higher – 4.7 l/100 km). As it should be, inside the Volkswagen Golf GTD sports a sports steering wheel and seats in the original cell, and the metal plates on the pedals, and a number of other decorative details. European sales started in the spring at a price of 29,340 euros in Germany.

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