Volkswagen Cross Coupe Concept at the Tokyo Motor Show 2011

Who would have thought that the pragmatic Germans are capable of quite unexpected surprises. Without giving a single message of a new concept, called the Cross Coupe, the representatives of Volkswagen revealed it in the first day of Tokyo Motor Show in 2011. The car, according to the manufacturer, is intended to encompass the elegant four-door coupe, the likeness Passat CC, and utility SUV. It is worth noting that the experiment was a success, but despite its massive foreign, VW Cross Coupe Concept is not so great. The length of the car is 4345 mm, width – 1868 mm, and height – 1523 mm, which puts the car right between crossover hatchback Golf and Tiguan. At the same time, Cross Coupe is longer than both of them, which allowed for a large amount of free space in the four-seater cabin. Although the sports component prevails in the design concept, the representatives of Volkswagen argued that the new car is endowed with outstanding off-road capabilities. Eloquent thing about this say large angles of entry and exit, equal to 24.2 and 32.5 degrees, respectively, as well as a serious ground clearance. In the motion VW Cross Coupe Concept is all four wheels. During the rotation of the front pair are designed to meet the 150-strong petrol TSI engine and an electric motor 54 hp, while the rear wheel drive is carried out exclusively by means of the electric traction unit capacity 114 hp Total output of the power plant is equal to 265 hp, which allows the concept to accelerate from standstill to 100 km/h in just 7.0 seconds. This car is capable of pure electric overcome about 40 kilometers. When you are ready for the production version of the concept presented is not specified, but we already know that the Cross Coupe will be built on a new platform MQB, which will form the basis for the Golf and Audi TT new generations.

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