Volkswagen built a fully autonomous Sedric concept

Within the framework of the Geneva Motor Show 2017 Volkswagen is presented to the public the concept of unmanned Sedric, on the basis of which in the future will be built a few prototypes with autonomous control systems. It is reported that the concept is designed so that it can convert any of the VW Group Companies. Volkswagen Cedric has a lounge with a landing formula 2 + 2, where each row of seats can accommodate two passengers facing each other, while the Germans refer to the prototype drones fifth level, which means the car is controlled electronically.

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Passengers can give the car a variety of orders via a special button in the cabin, voice commands or through the mobile app. Having obtained from the person an assignment, the prototype can independently find a free place in the parking lot, take the kids to school or pick up your purchase. Passengers can request to stop, check the time on the road and information about the situation on the road. Interestingly, the experts have made Volkswagen windshield Sedric concept of the organic light emitting diode OLED. In fact, it is a large display with the effect of augmented reality, which can be used as an entertainment center. The manufacturer has equipped the Volkswagen Sedric Concept electric motor and a set of batteries placed under the floor. The dynamic characteristics of the prototype and the stock move is not yet known.

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