Volkswagen has brought to Los Angeles hydrogen Golf HyMotion

At the auto show in Los Angeles 2014, Volkswagen unveiled a concept version of the versatile Golf SportWagen HyMotion. Five-door posses power plant on fuel cells, hydrogen is the first car brand, built on a modular platform MQB.
The power plant VolksWagen Golf HyMotion includes a motor, borrowed from the e-Golf 7. But if hatchback its capacity of 115 forces, on the wagon – all 135 horsepower The power plant draws energy from both the fuel cell and from a set of lines-ion batteries, which store energy recovery.
Cruising at a hydrogen prototype is about 500 km. Hydrogen stored in carboxylic tanks. There are four and they are located back of the car (under the floor). Complete filling of cylinders takes about three minutes.
The components of the power plant are developed exclusively by experts Volkswagen. According to the company, the lithium battery is needed only in the initial stages of fuel cells, as well as under heavy acceleration. By the way, the concept of the claimed acceleration to hundreds – 10.0 seconds.
It is interesting that in the prototype sedan HyMotion based on the US version of Volkswagen Passat B7 used a similar powerplant. At the moment, the test cars are being tested on the roads of California.
Note that the exhibition also hosted a presentation of all-wheel drive hatchback Audi A7 Sportback H-Tron,in a move that also leads to the installation of fuel cells.

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