Volkswagen has brought to Detroit a concept minivan ID Buzz

As part of the auto show in Detroit 2017 the presentation of the concept of the electric minivan Volkswagen ID Buzz, get a complete drive system. The basis of the concept of a modular platform MEB was taken, however, the German engineers had to modify the chassis, as in its original state “truck” not fit for the concept. It was a modified version of XL code.

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The length, width and height of the VW ID Buzz prototype achieves 4942, 1976 and 1963 mm respectively and its wheelbase is 3299 millimeters. The concept is just two trunk: the front compartment is designed for 172 liters and rear volume varies in the range from 659 to 4601 liters. The movement concept minivan bring two electric motors, one mounted on the rear, and the other – on the front axle. Their total capacity is 369 hp Energy for their work on the engines will have a set of battery capacity of 111 kWh, which German engineers have built directly into the floor. For acceleration from zero to hundreds of Volkswagen ID Buzz requires 5.0 seconds, while its top speed is electronically limited to 160 km/h. With fully charged batteries Concept can travel up to 600 km. Note that using a special charger refill batteries with 0 to 80% can be just half an hour. Volkswagen Concept Ai Di Buzz also received autonomous control system, the “eyes and ears” which are laser and ultrasonic sensors, radar and all-sky cameras. When you activate the autopilot steering wheel effectively removed in the center console. Well, you can deactivate the drone mode by touching the steering wheel or by pressing on the gas pedal or brake. The saloon electric vehicle , the floor is decorated with wood, there are three rows of seats, and when driving on autopilot front seats can be deployed upstream. Chairs of the second row can be transformed into tables, and the third – in bed. Among the other features of the Volkswagen ID Buzz Concept worth mentioning the camera instead of the traditional rear-view mirrors, LED headlights, 22-inch wheels and the presence in the interior of the projection display with the effect of augmented reality. The Volkswagen considering expanding range of electric models in 2020, but the Germans will decide whether to launch a similar concept in the series is still unknown.

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