New Volkswagen Beetle Convertible (3) 2016, prices and equipment

In April 2011, at the Shanghai Motor Show, Volkswagen presented the new Beetle hatchback, and in November 2012 at the motor show in Los Angeles premiere of his open modification called Convertible. Like the classic Volkswagen Beetle, New Beetle convertible fabric roof, which is raised and lowered in about 10 seconds, and can be executed on the procedure and on the run, if the speed does not exceed 48 km/h. With the top up the new Volkswagen Beetle Convertible looks almost exactly like a standard hatchback with a hard top, that’s just the novelty further reinforced A-pillars and the bottom, and in the case of overturning of the shoot seating rollover protection. In the European market for convertible predusmoteno several different engines. The base is a 1.2-liter TSI with 105 hp, which is available as a cost-effective package BlueMotion Technology. Him company engines 1,4 TSI (160 hp), 2,0 TSI (200 hp), as well as diesel engines 1,6 TDI (105 hp) and 2,0 TDI (140 hp from).

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