Tuners of VF Engineering prepared for Lamborghini Huracan package of improvements VF800, which allows to significantly increase engine power supercar. California studio specialists installed on the car supercharger Eaton TVS2300, resulting in performance 5.2-liter V10 increased from the original 610 power (506 Nm) to 815 hp (826 Nm).
VF800 package price is 32,995 dollars. For the money tuners also will reprogram the electronic control unit and install an aluminum intake manifold, water pump, the Bosch, K & N filters and other water radiator.
Representatives of the VF Engineering pointed out that after the upgrade engine by improved Urakane has a linear power band and its performance is similar to the engine of the “charged” Aventador.
Interestingly, all the changes are easily reversible. If for some reason the client decides to remove the blower, it will not be difficult, as the supercar engine, you can easily return to its factory specifications.

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