Vettel won the Singapore Grand Prix 2013 in dominant fashion

Sebastian Vettel won the Singapore Grand Prix in dominant fashion in 2013. A rare case for modern Formula 1, when the pilot managed to earn the Grand Slam, that is, at the start from pole position to lead from start to finish and thus show the best lap of the race. The second line has crossed Fernando Alonso who made an incredible breakthrough with seventh place. But even in this case the gap in the standings Spaniard increased from Vettel leading to an impressive sixty points. Even more amazing breakthrough showed Kimi Raikkonen finished third. On Saturday, the Finn had problems with his back, which is why in qualifying, he showed only the thirteenth time, but eventually the future teammate Alonso, as well as himself, Fernando, was able to travel the distance with fewer pit stops and keep rubber in working order up to the finish. In fourth place claimed Mark Webber, but the Australian car started having problems with the gearbox, which for a few laps before the end of the race became critical. In the end, on the last lap distance Marc moved almost coasting, but when his Red Bull caught fire, Webber still had to stop. Before the pit lane he threw Alonso who finished on the side pontoon his Ferrari. The pilots of the Mercedes qualified good, but in the race all okazalaos not so good. Nearly bursting into the lead at the start, Nico Rosberg and then on every lap for long conceded Vettel and Hamilton altogether stuck outside the top five. After the third pit stop, both were on fresh tires and broke through to the checkered flag, finishing fourth in the end (Nico Rosberg) and fifth (LH). But Jenson Button (7th) and Sergio Perez (8th place) on the car McLaren by the finish had serious problems with worn tires. Just a few laps which went to third Button conceded four positions. I walked him, including Felipe Massa (6th). We rounded out the top ten Nico (9th place) and Adrian Sutil (10th place). Teammate last for Force India Paul di Resta could score some good points, but crashed the car for five laps before the end of the race. And he started the second Roman was the victim of a technical fault in. The next race will be held in two weeks – it will be the Grand Prix of Korea in 2013, but the intrigue is rapidly quenched as to catch up with Vettel in the standings of the Championship is almost impossible, especially against the background of his speeches. Three consecutive victories in the past three races suggest disheartening.


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