At the start of the Japanese Grand Prix in 2013 has made a great breakthrough Roman, escaped into the lead of the race from fourth place. And Mark Webber, though, and has ceded one position, still pinned behind Sebastian Vettel. Sebastian at the first corner accidentally punctured a rear tire Lewis, who then completely fizzled out, having lost even a mathematical chance to fight for the title. Same goes for Kimi, so now only a slim chance kept Alonso. Fernando has long followed his partner Felipe Massa, who after losing places with Ferrari is not seeking a forward pass Alonso. However, the Spaniard reached the finish line in fourth place, having managed in a long and bitter struggle ahead of Nico – which he failed to make the last race in Korea. The three leaders for a long time maintained its position: Grosjean, Webber, Vettel, but to make the team chose a strategy with three pit stops against two of his main rivals. And if Sebastian was the second move ahead Roman, then do the same thing then Webber failed. For several laps chasing Marc Grosjean, while Vettel came off at this time. And when Webber yet stepped forward to compete for the chance to win he has left. Vettel won a fifth consecutive win of the season, increasing the lead over Alonso in the championship standings to 90 points. Kimi Raikkonen finished fifth, sixth – Nico, the seventh – Esteban Gutierrez also Sauber. The top ten were also found Nico Rosberg (8th place), Jenson Button (9th place) and Felipe Massa (10th place). The next race will be held in two weeks – it will be a Grand Prix in India in 2013, which may ultimately decide the fate of the title.