Vettel won the home Grand Prix of Germany 2013

Sebastian Vettel won at home German Grand Prix in 2013, and this victory was the first in his career already triple world champion during his performances in Formula 1. Thus, Seb again boosted its advantage in the standings over their pursuers. Winner Lewis Hamilton has pole position at the start of missed both Red Bull pilots ahead, fell back to third place. And to go the distance on both race cars Mercedes again having problems with the tires, so Hamilton finished only fifth, but chose a different strategy Rosberg particular advantage of this is learned, samples 11 only on the 9th place. But with the start of an alternative strategy to a hard tire has played into the hands of Fernando Alonso. Having not the fastest car, the Spaniard again made small feat, rising during the race from eighth to fourth place. His team-mate Felipe Massa went down due to technical problems on the first lap distance. Hot weather has contributed to the high rate of Kimi Raikkonen and Roman Grosjean. French for a while leading the race, and then put pressure Vettel in the fight for first place, but in the final stretch of the race Raikkonen put the softer tires, so he was ahead of his team-mate, but the fight with Seb had not enough time. As a result, the podium turned out exactly as in the Bahrain Grand Prix 2013: Vettel, Raikkonen Grosjean. Had a good race pilots McLaren: Jenson Button (6th place), and Sergio Perez (8th place), this time made their way into the points ten. One point for tenth place earned for itself and for its Sauber driver Nico Hulkenberg, who fought for the performance achieved throughout the race. Finally, a good start, Mark Webber was a victim of its own engineers. With the pit stop, he was released without securing the left rear wheel, which rolled through the pit lane and landed in the statement. The latter received a concussion and bruises. Mark had to push the car back, but such hesitation threw him to the end of the peloton, and the leader and all managed to get around it in a circle. It seems to be a hopeless situation changed after the safety car, released after the disappearance of Jules Bianchi – on his Marussia burned the motor, and the car rolled spontaneously across the road. Check Safety Car allowed Webber not only to return to a circle with a leader, but also catch up with the back of the field. Ahead it was still half of the race, so that made it to the finish mark the seventh. Before the next phase of the Hungarian Grand Prix in 2013, this time we are waiting for a break of three weeks.


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