Vettel confidently won the Belgian Grand Prix in 2013

Starting from pole position, Hamilton managed to keep the first position, but very briefly. Already on the first lap after the release of water from the Red Sebastian Vettel became the leader of the Grand Prix and more has no one gave way to the finish of the race. Lewis himself was able to avoid serious breakdown with tire wear, which pursued both drivers of the Mercedes for a few races this year, and almost all the time in previous seasons. However, the checkered flag saw only the third Briton. The workaround is it, as well as many other opponents, he managed to Fernando Alonso, who started from the ninth position only. The Spaniard was able to qualify for an unsuccessful reabilirovatsya, regaining second place in the standings. However, Vettel pulled away from him by 7 points, and the total gap between the two is now already 46 points. Militancy race held Nico Rosberg, who had both defend and attack. As a result, the German finished fourth, failing to keep behind Mark Webber (5th place). The Australian failed start again and win back to go the distance this time he failed. It is worth noting that the current Belgian Grand Prix has managed not only to the traditional nearly without rain, but no safety car. However, various tactical schemes allowed some pilots to win. For example, Daniel Riccardo closed ochkovuju ten at the start with 19 positions. Jenson Button kept his sixth place from which he started. Given the not too good form of his car, one can say with certainty that it was not so easy. At least, Felipe Massa (7th) and Roman (8th place) were left behind. The latter was the only one of all Pelephone, who spent the entire race with only one pit stop. That’s only if there were two, the Frenchman could finish higher. But even this result is much better than coming off his team-mate Kimi. Finn broke its record for the series as the number of finishes in a row, and the number of finish in the points. Almost from the outset on his Lotus began to overheat the brakes, and 2/3 of the distance they still have not sustained. Finally, Adrian finished ninth in the Force India. In recent years, the Indian team’s race cars were very fast on high-speed circuit, to whom is Spa-Francorchamps. But this time it was not so obvious. Let’s see what will happen in two weeks at Monza – it is there will be the next stage of the season of 2013.


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