Vehicle VIN-code is: why is it needed and how to decode it?

Our time – the era of mass production and industrial standardization. Technique, around us, in all its diversity, is produced in accordance with a complex system of strict regulations that enable then to carry out quality control. One of the most advanced quality standards and control systems components used in the automotive industry. Any part or component installed in your vehicle, contain coded designation applied according to certain rules. Numbers, letters and other symbols, applied to the items, usually contain encrypted information. Most of these markers is not of interest for the owner of the car, they should understand the employees of service companies.

Vehicle VIN-code – general information

There is a code that can be useful for any motorist. Speech on the VIN-code is a series of numbers and letters of the Latin alphabet, which is necessarily applied to the body of any vehicle, produced on the planet. Knowledge of methods of detection of VIN-number and its method of decoding may be useful, especially in a situation of buying a used car. If the car is left for the factory gates after 1980, that his body is required to have a set of 17 letters and numbers. It was in 1980, the International Organization (ISO) standards has introduced a single system, which is subject to the motor companies of all states, and laws require compliance throughout this rule. If the car went off the assembly line before 1980, then it does not have the VIN code, such cars in the world is now less than 1%. It is believed that the vehicle VIN is something like DNA or fingerprints. Indeed, VIN codes are not repeated. The number of cars in the world close to 1 billion, and each has its own combination of characters. code assignment system can cope with the growing number of vehicles in the foreseeable future. Yet, it should be noted that this VIN-number mark is placed on the car body – its main part. Other nodes attached to the body and can be replaced. Thus, the VIN can tell all the information about the body, the origin of other vehicle components should learn separately. Whatever it was, the system is considered to be a convenient and useful. It greatly facilitates the work of oversight bodies, allows to make a database with detailed information about the “biography” of cars, hampers the scam. Important: in the sequences of the VIN-code is never used “the Q” letter, «O» and «I» and because of their similarity with the numbers “0” and “1”).

Where and how to find the VIN-code?

Place of VIN number location can be found in the technical description of the model. Depending on the country and the specific manufacturer, the code can be located in different parts of the body, but most often there is much more difficult to get attackers. For example, in the US, almost all models of cars get the VIN number under the windshield, at the edge of the hood near the windshield wipers . The code can be read without opening the hood, which is convenient for traffic police. In other cases, the VIN stamped on the type plate mounted on the side of the front driver’s door, under the bonnet or in the doorway. Sometimes code can be found under the dashboard.

VIN Decoding

Even knowing the rules of the decryption code thoroughly, the usual car dealership client will not be able to determine with certainty the authenticity of the VIN specific machine. The fact that the sequence of letters and numbers, VIN code contains an encryption symbol (ninth in a row), uniting all the rest. Its value is calculated according to a complex mathematical formula. Attackers can not change any of the symbols of VIN with the aim to give the car after another. Any attempt to find a suitable hijackers code corresponding to the model and meets the encryption rule, are doomed to failure. To decipher the VIN-code, the easiest way to take advantage of a special online service. In addition to background information about the car, this service provides an answer to the question of the authenticity of the VIN number. Today, the Internet has several online sites that offer this service.

VIN-code consists of three parts

The first three characters This part of the VIN-code is called the WMI (World Manufacturer Identifier), the manufacturer or identifier. There encrypted information about the country and the company that produced car. The first character indicates the region. Figures 1 to 5 are assigned to North America, Asia correspond to the letters J to R, and the European countries have received as the first character letters from S to Z. It is important to note that WMI determines the location of the vehicle assembly, rather than the country of origin of the brand. So, the car of the Japanese brand Toyota, released at the Canadian plant will receive the North American start symbol “2”, after which the sequence in the WMI is the letter “the T”, indicating the particular manufacturer (in this case – Toyota). In US auto sequence found at the beginning of the numbers 1, 4, or 5. German automotive factories labeled with codes starting with the letter «W», and so on. Italy – the Z, Japan – J, France – the V, South Korea – the K, Canada – 2, Mexico – 3, India – of M. Turkey – N. The All cars manufactured, receive VIN starting with the letter «X», however, the symbol shares with the Netherlands and Uzbekistan. AatoVAZu XTA assigned identifier, UAZ and Sollers – XTT. Cars manufactured under the brand Volkswagen bear WMI-ID XW8 housing and cars Korean brands Hyundai and the Kia, collected, indicate the code XWE. For large corporations it is reserved for multiple IDs. Thus, the company Ford Motor has the right to label their equipment, manufactured in the United States, the following WMI-code: 1FA, 1FB, 1FC, 1FD, 1FM, 1FT. German Cars Volkswagen assembly tag identifier WUW, and SUVs and crossovers of the brand are WVG code.

Symbols of the VIN-code, from 4 to 8 This sequence is called VDS (Vehicle Description Section), or narrative. Here provides information on the model of the car and its modifications, and basic technical characteristics. In this part of the VIN-code system standard provides manufacturers with a certain freedom. Auto industry is developing rapidly, introduced innovations, new types of body, new, unprecedented construction of power plants, important additional option, and so on. Different companies use VDS-code to encrypt different parameters, but always make it possible to determine the model. There also leave information about the engine design, the type of body, the number of windows, type of brake system, chassis, and so on. Some manufacturers leave separate fields in the unfilled portion of the code in this case is on the right side can be seen zeros. The information contained in VDS-code car, you can find out with the help of online services.

Ninth symbol – screening

The remaining characters the VIN-code

The remaining characters are called VIS (Vehicle Identifier Section), or vehicle identifier. The tenth character is used for encoding, the machine output. When the VIN system launched in 1980, the first year was given the symbol «A», the next (1981) – «B», and so on. In 2000 he graduated from the available letters of the Latin alphabet, and in 2001 received the symbol “1”, then 2002 – “2”, and so on. When all eight available figures (0 decided not to use) were exhausted in 2009, the countdown has begun anew with the letter «A» (2010). 2016 – «G». In addition to the letters «Q», «O», «I» and the numbers “0” to indicate the year of issue does not apply the letter «Z» because of its similarity to the deuce. Eleventh symbol of the VIN-code contains a message about the assembly plant, where the car has been released Finally, the code from the 12th to the 17th is a serial number of the machine. The last four code symbol – always figures.

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