Urban CD Chery QQ (Sweet), prices and equipment

Chery QQ hatchback produced since 2003, being a clone of the South Korean compact Daewoo Matiz. Externally QQ Sweet little different from their donor. Matiz clone a Chinese manufacturer slightly altered front part, providing its “Ford” smile, somewhat altered the rear light, added a spoiler on the fifth door and a number of elements of body kit painted in the body color: door sills and moldings on the doors.
In general, a refreshed design Chery QQ looks a little fun of his Korean counterpart and visually a little bigger, thanks to 13-inch wheels that come as standard, making the car higher and smoothing feeling of miniature. Inside Chery QQ looks better than the outside. Places on front seats are more than enough for a car of this class. Through vertical landing rear passengers also will not rest against the back of his knees in front of seated. Stay behind the wheel can be very comfortable, and informative instrument panel with tachometer makes readings easy and affordable. Unlike its twin, Salon Chery QQ Sweet replete with all sorts of pockets for small items. Cargo space, though, and can not boast of capacity, but a couple of grocery bags easily fit there. What else you need to host a compact city car?
On the market the car comes with two types of engines working volume of 0,8 and 1,1 liters capacity of 52 and 64 hp, respectively. Each offers both mechanical and automatic transmission. As for the kits, even the most basic version of the compact packaged very rich: power steering, full power accessories, air-conditioning, radio and alloy wheels. Prices for Chery QQ starts at $4,000, and the cost five-doors with a more powerful 1.1-liter engine and automatic machine has reached $5,500. Now buy Chery QQ only in the secondary market.


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