The updated sedan Geely CK-2

Geely CK-2 – restyling version mordeli Geely CK, built on the platform of the sixth generation Toyota Corolla. Production of the car began in 2008, and today the SC-2 is the most affordable model in the range of Giglio. The main differences Geely CK-2 from its predecessor Otaka associated with improved design and increased comfort. Sedan has received more modern lighting, new bumper and grille. While maintaining the same size (4194x1680x1440 mm) of the vehicle, however, it seems to be somewhat larger than its predecessor.
Interior Gili SC 2 has a new instrument panel and a quality finish. The manufacturer has changed the map of doors appeared more comfortable armrests and door handles. The center console has received a new design and a more direct angle of inclination. A general form of the dashboard with round vents blowing has become much more attractive. The driver’s seat of the new material, though, and has better lateral support, but it is still not enough for a very brisk car. And to stay with the convenience of the driver above-average growth is very problematic – due to the absence of adjustments and the lack of legroom.
Engine and components for Geely CK-2 left unchanged. Up to a maximum of 160 km/h in all the same license 16-valve 1.5-liter capacity of 94 hp Thrust is transmitted to the front wheels through a five-speed manual, which is left untouched. Automatic transmission is not provided.
For sedena Gili IC 2 provides a complete set of four – Norma, Basic, Comfort and Impress. The simplest of these involves the almost empty car – is not even usual for Chinese cars, air conditioning and power accessories, which appear in the Basic configuration with power steering. Comfort version includes ABS + EBD, CD Radio+4 speakers, leather steering wheel and alloy wheels. In a top Impress addition to everything listed there are two airbags.


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