Porsche has introduced an upgraded version of sports car racing modifications 911 RS GT3, prepared to compete in the 2012 season. Unlike its predecessor slightly, particularly noteworthy increased to hundreds of liters of fuel tank, and transferred onto the hood of the fuel filler, according to FIA FT3. In addition, participants in a series of Porsche Mobil1 Supercup now available carbon-ceramic brakes will reduce the weight of the car by 20 kg and innovation have moved in the cabin are on the steering wheel switches modes of information display. As for the art of the updated 2012 Porsche 911 RS GT3, it has remained the same. In the sports car movement leads 450-strong row “Six” working volume of 3.8 liters and is mounted in a pair with shestistupengchatoy sequential transmission. The first ready-made machines, customers can get in September, the cost of the car is 161,750 euros.

foto-porsche-911-gt3-cup-2012_03 foto-porsche-911-gt3-cup-2012_02 foto-porsche-911-gt3-cup-2012_01