The updated Kia Sorento (2) 2014 for Europe, prices and equipment


In March of 2012 he was presented an updated version of the Kia Sorento crossover for the North American market, and in August, the Korean automaker has declassified the European version of the model after restyling.
World debut of new items was held at the Paris Motor Show in September 2012, and its sales in Europe started after the exhibition. Among the major changes crossover Kia Sorento (2014) can be noted retouched exterior and interior, as well as upgraded chassis and powertrain line.

Models & Prices 2014 Kia Sorento.

Equipment Price Engine Transmission Drive
2.4 Classic FWD AT $24,200 2.4 petrol (175 hp) Automatic (6) front
2.4 Classic AWD MT $25,400 2.4 petrol (175 hp) Manual (6) full
2.4 Classic AWD AT $26,000 2.4 petrol (175 hp) Automatic (6) full
2.4 New Comfort AWD AT $27,400 2.4 petrol (175 hp) Automatic (6) full
2.4 New Luxe AWD AT $28,800 2.4 petrol (175 hp) Automatic (6) full
2.2D New Comfort AWD AT $29,200 2.2 diesel engine (197 hp) Automatic (6) full
2.2D New Luxe AWD AT $30,400 2.2 diesel engine (197 hp) Automatic (6) full
2.4 New Prestige AWD AT $31,000 2.4 petrol (175 hp) Automatic (6) full
2.4 New Premium AWD AT $32,100 2.4 petrol (175 hp) Automatic (6) full
2.2D New Prestige AWD AT $32,700 2.2 diesel engine (197 hp) Automatic (6) full
2.2D New Presmium AWD AT $34,000 2.2 diesel engine (197 hp) Automatic (6) full

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Externally, the new Kia Sorento (2014) was a front bumper with vertical sections protivotumanok, a new grille and retouched optics with LED sections.
Behind the crossover can be distinguished by a new tailgate, revised LED lights and the bumper modified. Inside revision undergone dashboard, gear lever on versions with a gun and a center console, which has registered a 7-inch color LCD display.
In addition, the automaker says that the Kia Sorento 2 boasts a high-quality plastic in the interior decoration, and on top versions with a panoramic sunroof has increased its area of glazing.
As for equipment, the European market suv Kia Sorento (2013) offered with three engines. In place of the 2.4-liter gasoline engine capacity of 174 hp MPI came a new 197-horsepower engine GDI direct injection of a similar volume.
The other two units – a diesel engine: the upgraded 2.2-liter turbocharged engine produces the same 197 forces, as before, but has become more ecological (CO2 emissions reduced to 153 g/km), and a new 150-horsepower engine capacity 2,0 l.
The base transmission for all models Kia Sorento 2 is a six-step mechanics, but as an option customers can order a car with a dedicated six machine. In addition, according to the automaker, in some markets, the car is still available with the 3.5-liter “six” (280 hp) and 2.4-liter MPI (174 hp).
It is worth noting also that the updated crossover has received an upgraded rear suspension with different shock absorbers, new subframes and steering Flex Steer with the variable effort that has three modes – Comfort, Normal and Sport.
Prices for Kia Sorento 2014. The base front-drive version of the crossover with a 2.4-liter engine with 175 hp estimated at $24,200, and modification with all-wheel drive is necessary to lay out a minimum of $25,400.
Preserved in the lineup and 2.2-liter diesel version with 197 returns in force – for such car dealers ask of $29,200, and the value of KIA Sorento 2 top configuration reaches $34,000.


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