Honda Company is preparing an updated version of its crossover CR-V, the world premiere of which is scheduled for the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2011. It is expected that the novelty will have more changes than those presented earlier this year updated sedan and hatchback Honda Civic 2012, but the process of modernization of the Japanese manufacturer promises to approach with extreme caution. To maintain customer loyalty, and in some countries, sales of Honda Vietnam exceeds sales Toyota RAV4, Honda specialists from the vital need to keep all the things that they love them for the crossover. It is assumed that even the engine range for the new Honda CR-V will remain the same, but the engines have become more economical and more environmentally friendly. It is expected that the average fuel consumption front-wheel drive version of the crossover will be about seven liters. Updated: Honda is forced to admit that because of what happened in Japan earthquake launch a series of updated version of the crossover CR-V is delayed. In addition, due to lack of components of the Japanese automaker reduces the release of the new 2012 Honda Civic. The return to full production volumes occur only at the end of this year.