The updated car Audi R8 LMS received a package Ultra

In the three years performance in various race series Audi R8 LMS achieved outstanding results, and, in contrast to its closest competitors, the engineers from Ingolstadt do not even think about upgrading your car. But it seems the time has come for a point, but important innovations.
In particular, the updated Audi R8 LMS has received new cooling system for the engine, transmission and brakes. All this – in order to increase the endurance of aggregates during the hours of marathons. By the way, the resource itself 570-horsepower 5.2-liter V10 engine remained unchanged at the previous of 20,000 kilometers.
Suspension components have not changed much – the new steel production Bilstein dampers, adjustable in compression and rebound. A few fresh details emerged in the exterior – Quattro GmbH engineers installed a new adjustable rear wing fairings on the front bumper, additional holes for discharging the hot air and aerodynamic elements at the front axle, optimizing the air flows.
The service pack is called Ultra. It is available for previous versions of the car, and can be ordered together with the new Audi R8 the LMS. The cost of the finished car is 329,000 euros, and its official sales will begin in March 2012.


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