The upcoming Aston Martin hypercar will receive a 1000-horsepower engine

Foreign Jalopnic edition reports that the new Aston Martin hypercar, which is involved in the development of Red Bull company, will receive a 1000-hp engine. Until recently, the project was known under the code index AM-RB 001, but the Aston Martin company your new car is also called Nebula, which translated to English means “nebula”. The development of the supercar run by chief designer Marek Reichmann British brand and the chief engineer of Red Bull New York Adrian, who had previously had a hand in the creation of championship cars Formula 1 teams such as the McLaren, Red Bull and Williams. According to media reports, in the movement of the new hypercar leading 7.0-liter naturally aspirated engine is the V12, able to spin up to 10 000 r/min. The same engine is equipped with a track the Aston Martin Vulcan, which develops over 800 hp Exterior Design Nebula combines the traditional features of the models of Aston Martin, and solutions borrowed from the Formula 1 car. In particular, the model was developed side pontoons and the developers decided to abandon the rear wing. Double hypercar has a landing formula “1 + 1”, ie the passenger sits behind the driver. The first private screening of the model took place in late May 2016, and an invitation to the event received only owners of supercars Aston Martin One-77 and Vulcan. According to rumors, the British plan to release 99 or 100 copies Nebula, while the cost of each machine is approximately EUR 3.3 million.


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