Ultralight PPI Razor GTR supercar based on Audi R8

German tuners from PPI Automotive Design studio at the motor show in Dubai presented PPI Razor GTR supercar based on Audi R8 in an ultralight kit, which was called Visible Carbon Fiber Widebody. Almost all the body panels are made from carbon fiber supercar, including bumpers, fenders, trunk lid and side skirts. All this allowed to make PPI Razor GTR by as much as 250 kg lighter than the standard Audi R8. But that did not stop tuners. They also increased the capacity of a standard V8 engine with 200 hp by installing a supercharger, bringing it out to 580 hp For the R8 with a V10 engine in the PPI Automotive Design offer installation boost, allowing for some time to increase the capacity of 60 or 80 hp PPI Razor GTR with both the modified 580-horsepower V8, and the 600-horsepower V10 can accelerate from zero to a hundred in 3.7 seconds and its top speed 323 km/h.

ppi-razor-gtr-audi-r8_01-650x487 ppi-razor-gtr-audi-r8_03-650x487 ppi-razor-gtr-audi-r8_02-650x487

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