New UAZ Patriot 2017, prices and equipment

October 12, 2016 the official presentation of the updated UAZ Patriot 2017 model year, which was a large portion of significant improvements. And if for the last time in the company noticeably refreshed appearance of an SUV, it is now the turn of the interior.
Look at the photo of the new UAZ Patriot 2017, at first glance, the car has not changed. So it is – has undergone a revision grille, chrome trims and received a different grid, and the emblem on it became larger.

Configurations and prices UAZ Patriot 2016.

Equipment Price Engine Transmission Drive
Standard 2.7 MT $12,400 2.7 petrol (135 hp) mechanical (5) full
2.7 MT Comfort $14,000 2.7 petrol (135 hp) mechanical (5) full
2.7 MT Privilege $14,900 2.7 petrol (135 hp) mechanical (5) full
2.7 Style MT $16,000 2.7 petrol (135 hp) mechanical (5) full

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Everything else has remained the same from the outside, but the interior UAZ Patriot 2017 was a completely new front panel, which has nothing to do with the former. There are other ducts, and completely rearranged the center console, and a modern entertainment system with 7.0-inch color touch screen and full climate control, upgraded heating, new steering wheel, and the lights on the instrument panel turns white (it was green).
As for the steering, the top versions it has a leather sheath and heating, plus it housed the audio controls and cruise control, which previously was not available for the machine in principle. In addition, the steering wheel on the Patriot now can be adjusted on the flight, and the shift paddles is also reversed.
Updated UAZ Patriot 2017 is already in the database got front airbags (it is possible that in the future may appear and side), as well as improved sound insulation and double seals doorways.When reversing on the rearview camera tractor tips began to move after the turn of the helm, and for a fee there front parking sensors.
Also standard on the SUV came in ABS, while the expensive versions appeared stabilization system with hold function when starting up the hill and off-road mode, in which she imitates blocking cross-axle differentials. For a fee of 29 000 customers can enjoy a full locking rear differential Eaton company.
With regard to the technical stuffing, then finally got the UAZ Patriot single fuel tank used for a long time instead of two for every 36 liters. Its volume is 72 liters, but it is made of plastic instead of metal. Here are just a fuel pump installed in such a way that at the feet of the rear passengers there was a small, but quite noticeable hump.
In addition, the manufacturer reports an increase in the number of body attachment points to the frame, enhancing front pillars and body floor with a view to improving safety. In the same work, and appeared on the front belt pretensioners with force limiters together. All this is very commendable.
In the sale of UAZ Patriot 2017 entered only with a 2.7-liter gasoline engine ZMZ-4090 output of 135 hp, but buy a version with a 114-horsepower diesel engine ZMZ-51432 2.2-liter longer impossible – bring it to the environmental standards “Euro 5” turned out to be too costly. The appearance in the line of prospective turbo and automatic transmission deferred until the next upgrade.
The price of the new UAZ Patriot 2017 starts at $12,400 per car configuration “standard”, while the top-end version of the “Style” asked at least $16,000.

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