Tuning VW Golf GTI VI from Wimmer RS ​​studio

Wimmer RS Tuning studio, presented the recently modified Porsche GT2 and Ferrari 430 Scuderia Spyder, this time prepared a tuning version of the new VW Golf GTI VI of. Standard Golf GTI engine produces 211 hp for a small hatchback that is enough, but the tuners from Wimmer put on a turbine engine, replaced the rods, intercooler, reprogrammed the “software” of catalytic converters installed sports exhaust system and replaced. All of these changes will increase the capacity of the engine VW Golf GTI to 386 hp and maximum torque increased to 455 Nm. Maximum tuning Volkswagen Golf by studio Wimmer RS is 267 km/h, whereas the standard GTI goes “only” 240. Outside GTI tuners did not touch, but buyers can still choose the stylish wheels on the VW Golf VI, available in dimensions of 18, 19 and 20 inches.


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