Tuning VW Golf R from the B&B company

Tuning B&B Automobiltechnik studio finalized Volkswagen Golf R hatchback, making it even more “hot”. The car is available in three configurations, differing in engine capacity: 310, 324 and 362 hp Tuner installed on the power unit Course enlarged turbochargers, a sports exhaust system with racing catalyst, a new air intake, optimized intercooler, the new oil cooler and other electronic motor control settings. All this in the amount allowed the most powerful 362-strong version of the tuning VolksWagen Golf R from B&B to reach a top speed of 280 km/h and acceleration from zero to a hundred only takes 4.8 seconds. In addition to this, the tuners installed in the Golf stiffer suspension with sport springs, reducing ride height by 30 mm, as well as enhanced braking system for a more effective deceleration from high speeds. Externally, the car received only exclusive wheels are available in dimensions 19 and 20 inches.


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