It seems that the new Porsche Panamera is very fond of tuners before the start of sales of this luxury sports car. Tuning studio one after another announce the package of improvements for the Panamera, this time presented his version of the British tuner Oakley. Tuning Porsche Panamera by Oakley is based on three things: reduced weight, increased power and, of course, giving the car a stylish look. Due to the migration of the electronic engine control unit and replacement of the standard exhaust system on titanium with four nozzles, experts from Oakley increased engine power to 580 hp Panamera But you can order and complete processing of the engine, resulting in the output will have 680 hp Externally, the Porsche Panamera by Oakley Design flaunts a new front spoiler and modified bumpers, side skirts, stylish 20-inch wheels and a rear spoiler of carbon fiber. Original sliding roof tuners also replaced by a carboxylic, thereby reducing vehicle weight achieved at 75 kg. Porsche Panamera Turbo by Oakley will be available from 15 September.

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