Tuning Nissan Juke by Senner studio

Charged Nissan Juke-R with a stuffing from GTR supercar yet to release a limited edition of 20-25 cars, but the cost of each of them will be about 450 000 euros. The Senner Tuning company have developed a budget option individualization compact crossover from the Japanese automaker. Set improvements developed together with the company Autohaus Morchel and includes underestimated on 35 mm suspension, carbon fiber body rear-view mirrors and 20-inch alloy wheels. Not spared engine tuners and Nissan Juke, which was equipped with a sports air filter and more productive exhaust system with four chrome-plated tailpipes. As a result, the 1.6-liter turbocharged crossover began to issue 225 hp and peak torque of 275 Nm, 35 hp and 35 Nm more than the standard version. The cost of improvements is estimated at 7490 euro.

nissan-juke-by-senner_02-650x418 nissan-juke-by-senner_01-650x412 nissan-juke-by-senner_03-650x406

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