Tuning of the new Mercedes SL500 R231 from Wheelsandmore

Tuners from German company Wheelsandmore first prepared a package of improvements for the new roadster Mercedes SL 500 2013, calling it Tuningpremiere. So, let’s see what has changed. Firstly, in the studio repainted the car body into an exclusive gray and put on 20-inch wheels 6Sporz, “wrapped” in a low-profile sport tires Continental Sport Contact 5P. In addition, tuning Mercedes SL500 R231 got a suspension lowering module LowMaXX, allows you to adjust the ride height and electronic migrated ECU will allow engineers from Wheelsandmore increase the impact of the base 4.7-liter 435-horsepower V8 engine to 505 hp Peak torque thus increased by 100 Nm – 700 Nm to 800, but the improvement of dynamic performance roadster in the company did not report. No information about the cost of the package Tuningpremiere.

sl500-tuningpremiere_03-650x406 sl500-tuningpremiere_02-650x406 sl500-tuningpremiere_01-650x406

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