Tuning Mercedes C63 AMG Coupe by VATH studio

Another aim was the German tuners Mercedes-Benz C-Class coupe top-end modification C63 AMG. Under the hood of the car are all the same V8 engine capacity of 6.2 liter, issued in the standard version of 475 hp Engineers from Vath decided to offer it for just two completions program. The first was called V63S and suggests an increase in performance to 525 hp and 655 Nm. The maximum speed of this version is 300 km/h. The second set is called V63RS and implies increasing returns to either 565 hp or 580 “horses”. The torque for this package will remain unchanged – 680 Nm. A complete set of technical improvements consist of sport air filters, new catalysts and mufflers, reprogrammed “brains” of the engine, turn off the speed limiter, lowered by 30 millimeters suspension and new wheels with a diameter of 20 inches. Exterior C63 AMG Coupe by Vath Performance is not much changed. The front end gets a new grille and a carboxylic splitter made of the same material. Foods acquired a small wing on the trunk lid and bumper has a new diffuser.

c63-amg-coupe-by-vath_02-650x433 c63-amg-coupe-by-vath_03-650x433 c63-amg-coupe-by-vath_01-650x433

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