Tuning Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4 by ENCO Exclusive

German tuning ENCO Exclusive studio has prepared a program of improvements for the Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4 supercar. Tuners worked on the powertrain Gallardo LP 560-4, resulting in the return of the standard 560-horsepower V10 engine capacity of 5.6 liters increased from 560 to 620 hp and the torque increased to 575 Nm, compared with the original 540 nm. Over appearance Lamborghini Gallardo experts from ENCO Exclusive worked more thoroughly and produced carbon body kit, which includes the tailgate, front bumper with side air intakes to better cool the brakes, front splitter, aggressive side skirts, mirrors and diffuser. The whole set will cost 16,000 euros. For an extra 4000 euro tuners plastered body Lamborghini Gallardo matte black film. There are changes in the interior. The ENCO Exclusive offer carboxylic finish center console, instrument panel, steering wheel, handbrake and door handles. For this will have to fork out an additional 5000 euros. But the cost of completion of the engine information yet.

enco-lamborghini-gallardo-lp-560-4_06-650x431 enco-lamborghini-gallardo-lp-560-4_05-650x431 enco-lamborghini-gallardo-lp-560-4_04-650x431 enco-lamborghini-gallardo-lp-560-4_03-650x431 enco-lamborghini-gallardo-lp-560-4_02-650x431 enco-lamborghini-gallardo-lp-560-4_01-650x431

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