At the SEMA tuning show, which will be held from 3 to 6 November 2015, Ford will bring several “charged” cars. The most interesting exhibit is seen special version of a hatchback the Focus the ST, built in a single copy studio experts Rally Innovations.
Being made in the style of the rally, the unique Ford Focus ST was developed aerodynamic kit, which consisted of new front and rear bumpers, side skirts, large rear wing, hood with air intakes and special wing. On the grill model tuners installed a strip of LED lights.
Modified Ford Focus ST from Rally Innovations also received a safety cage. The rear seats of the car had been dismantled, and its front seats replaced with new – Cusco/Bride Euroster II + C with four-point seat belts. Multimedia remained the same – from the company Sony.
In addition, the tuning hatchback equipped with a helical suspension migrated engine control unit, another aluminum intercooler and intake system Greddy. It is known that due to these modifications the engine power was higher, but the exact value is not yet known. Recall that in the standard version of the Focus ST 2,0-liter engine produces 250 hp (360 nm).