Tuning Ferrari FF from Wheelsandmore studio

The Wheelsandmore company prepared a package of improvements for the Ferrari FF, which includes the installation of new wheels and two-stage increase in productivity. In addition, experts from Wheelsandmore developed for the FF own exhaust system made ​​of stainless steel, equipped with distrantsionno-controlled valves to adjust the volume of exhaust, and later among the options displayed and updated suspension with new springs. As for the engine, then for 3782 euro tuners retuned ECU 6.3-liter V12, which will increase its capacity from the base 660 to 684 hp and 705 Nm. Phase 2 includes the installation of one of the new exhaust system and provides 700 “horses” (715 Nm) at the output. It will cost the customer in 9244 euros.

ff-ot-wheelsandmore_02 ff-ot-wheelsandmore_03 ff-ot-wheelsandmore_01

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