Tuning Ferrari FF from Novitec Rosso studio

German tuners from Novitec Rosso studio joined its portfolio a modified version of the new Ferrari FF supercar, has received a number of different programs to increase productivity and the package of external accessories. Recall that from the factory in Maranello Ferrari FF leaves the twelve-engine capacity of 6.3 liters under the hood, 660 outstanding strength and peak torque of 683 Nm. But that’s not all – tuners offer customers two phases, the first of which allows you to squeeze out of the engine 694 hp (708 Nm) and the latest version of the already boasts 702 “horses” and maximum torque 714 Nm in. Technical modernization FF supercar is not limited to this. The company provided a pair of suspension refinement options – ranging from a simple reduction in ground clearance, to installation fully adjustable suspension, allowing the button to raise the nose of the machine is 40 mm for the passage of irregularities. Externally tuning version of the Ferrari FF from Novitec Rosso can be distinguished by carbon-fiber body kit, which includes front spoiler, side “skirt”, rear diffuser, rear spoiler and two pads on the rear-view mirror housings. Rounding out the picture of a new grille, a carbon roof, tinted taillights and specialty wheels, available in several versions.

ferrari-ff-by-novitec_01 ferrari-ff-by-novitec_06 ferrari-ff-by-novitec_05 ferrari-ff-by-novitec_04ferrari-ff-by-novitec_03-650x432 ferrari-ff-by-novitec_02-650x432

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