Tuning the Ferrari 599 GTO supercar from Wheelsandmore

German tuners from Wheelsandmore provided once the project – this time has undergone refinements Italian supercar the Ferrari 599 GTO. Modified car began to look not only fresh, but also turned out to be a bit more powerful than the standard version. Designers tuning studio decided not to pile the 599 GTO looks any aerodynamic, limiting contrast yellow-black color with two black stripes along the body. In addition, tuning the Ferrari 599 GTO sports a black 21-inch wheels 6Sportz handmade with yellow rims and “shod” in the low-profile sport tires Hankook S1Evo. The Ferrari 599 GTO engine has not undergone major changes. Engineers from Wheelsandmore conjured over the control unit and installed a new exhaust system made ​​of stainless steel. As a result, the power and torque from 670 hp grown and 619 Nm to 715 hp and 664 Nm, respectively. The cost of improvements is not specified.

foto-599-gto-by-wheelsandmore_02-650x406 foto-599-gto-by-wheelsandmore_03-650x406 foto-599-gto-by-wheelsandmore_01-650x406

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