Externally, the TT-RS tuning by Senner can be distinguished by a stylish 20-inch wheels Varianza T1S, reduced sports suspension, carbon spoiler on the trunk lid, and a rear-view mirror housings made of carbon fiber. Inside the compartment reigns carbon finish, which affected the center console, instrument panel visor, steering wheel and door handles. Engineers from Senner worked over and powertrain Audi TT-RS, increasing returns 2.5-liter five-cylinder turbo engine to 430 hp a 90 “horses” more than the standard version provides. To achieve this tuners managed by the installation of a sports exhaust system, high-efficiency air filter and reprogramming of the electronic engine control unit. The cost of the package in the press release are not reported.

audi-tt-rs-by-senner_04-650x433 audi-tt-rs-by-senner_03-650x433