Tuning Alfa Romeo 4C from Pogea Racing studio

Experts of German Pogea Racing tuning studio have developed a program of improvements for the Alfa Romeo 4C coupe, can significantly increase the power two-door.
The program, dubbed Centurion 1Plus, involves reprogramming the control unit 1.75-liter engine, making it able to raise capacity from 240 to 314 hp and torque – with 350 to 455 Nm.
German experts are also equipped with an upgraded coupe robotized transmission, which is the transfer switch 55% faster than the standard.
These improvements significantly affected the dynamics of the car. Tuning version of the Alfa Romeo 4C Pogea Racing studio is gaining hundred with place for 3.8 seconds, faster than the basic machine for 0.3 seconds. As the maximum speed of the coupe, it increased from 257 to 305 km/h.
The German tuner also finalized the design of 4C. Two-door received carbon body kit including side skirts, a rear diffuser and a special insert in the bumper and grille. To improve downforce model is also equipped with a rear wing.
In addition, the sports car was recustomized suspension understated by 50 mm ground clearance and ultra-light 18- and 19-inch wheels front and rear, respectively. Among Pogea Racing plan to release only ten of Alfa Romeo 4C at a price of 87,100 dollars each.

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