Tuners from Posaidon rocked the engine Mercedec-AMG A45 to 558 hp

Specialists of the German studio Posaidon have completed the “charged” hatchback Mercedes-AMG A 45, significantly increasing its performance.

Recall that the movement of the original model results in a 2.0-liter turbo-quarter, developing 381 hp. and 475 Nm, but the tuners installed a new supercharger, racing spark plugs, an enlarged intercooler, a modified intake, and a more efficient exhaust system with an electronically controlled valve.

Plus, the tuners added a system of injection of a water-methanol mixture and rewrote the control program. As a result of all these manipulations, the performance of the engine increased to an impressive 558 hp. and 660 Nm of torque.

Also, the company modified the robotic A 45 transmission, but the tuners do not disclose the dynamic characteristics of the finalized hatch. However, there is no doubt that the version from Posaidon is definitely faster than the standard model, which accelerates from place to hundred in 4.2 seconds, and its maximum is limited to 250 km/h. The cost of modifications is unknown.

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