The division of Toyota – studio Modellista presented the program of completions for a new generation of hybrid the Prius, which allows to make the car a more aggressive design.
Japanese tuners offer to install on cars aerodynamic body kit, which is composed of other bumpers, rear diffuser with chrome elements and overlays on body thresholds. The cost of such a body kit valued at 160,000 yen, which is equivalent to $1,300.
For a surcharge, available 18-inch aluminum wheels, which improves aerodynamics, plus tires Yokohama BluEarth. It will cost the client more 286 200 yen (about US $2,300).
“Stuffing” Prius tuners did not touch. The movement of the vehicle results in a hybrid system consisting of a 1.8-liter petrol engine (97 hp) electric motor (73 hp) and a set of NiMH batteries.
It is expected that the Toyota Prius Modellista live show at the tuning show in Tokyo in January 2016.

foto-prius-4-modellista_02 foto-prius-4-modellista_01